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GLENMORE: Local golf courses still open — with restrictions | Sports

I received an e-mail from Jason Eberle, who is the head professional at Gibson Bay. This was the message.

Please know that Gibson Bay Golf Course and the City of Richmond are taking the current state of emergency very seriously. Our hearts go out to the individuals and families that have already been affected by COVID-19.

We do plan on keeping the golf course open for the time being. However, in order to be as careful as possible in keeping our customers and employees safe, we are instituting some new guidelines for playing golf for the time being.

Thanks for the email Jason.

The new guidelines state that golfers must book tee times and pay fees online, only. The pro shop is not open and no one is allowed in the building.

No walk-ups are allowed.

Only one person is allowed in a cart at a time and the carts will be sanitized after each round.

Gibson Bay only has 60 carts, so make sure you book a spot early online, especially with warmer weather coming.

I talked to Max Fritz at Battlefield Golf Course and he said they were having pretty good play. They are also taking precautions, like just allowing one person to a cart. They hand the keys out through a slot in the window and wear gloves. They are also sanitizing the carts after use. They had 20 tournaments lined up this summer and they have been canceled.

I talked to several other people at the courses and they are all using very similar restrictions — all are allowing just one person to a cart and they are sanitizing them also. Everyone I talked with is taking this challenge seriously and doing everything they can to protect their golfers.

All I can say is hang in there and “Keep your Chin Up”, and we will whoop COVID-19.

Scribbage and anecdote to boredom

With all of us being asked to stay home for our own safety, Carolyn and I have found a little game that will break up the monotony.

We discovered this game in Florida this past January when we stayed in a house that had a box full of games.

Scribbage was one that we fell in love with.

If you like Scrabble or Crossword puzzles you will love Scribbage. It consists of a box and 13 dice with every letter in the alphabet inscribed on the dice with a corresponding number from 1-10 in value. The number value is determined by how many words in the dictionary start with that letter.

For example Z has the least words so it is top rated at 10. E is most used so it is a 1 and so on.

The object of the game is to put together words with the highest rated numbers. You can also use the same rated letter twice like you do in crossword puzzles. Highest score wins.

One to four players can play, and use a two or three-minute timer. My highest score in 500 or more rolls is 77.

Wow! I love it.

Scribbage is an older game that is no longer made, but you can get copies on Ebay for about $15.

Final Thought

You’ve got to stay strong to be strong in tough times — Tilman J. Fertitta

If you have any tournaments, news, or hole-in-one, email me at

Until next time … live, love, laugh and learn, Glenmore

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