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De Minaur, Barty, Stephens, Murray, more

If these were regular times, the tennis world would be talking about the Miami Open, making guesses as to what color Rafael Nadal’s socks would be when he’d lift his 13th French open trophy this year, cheering for Novak Djokovic to stay on top of the ATP ranking, proclaiming that Roger Federer would win it all at Wimbledon, having raging conversations about which Next Gen player is THE Next Gen player… But these are not regular times.

These are times that better see all non-front-liners at home, their own way to participate in the fixing of the global situation. To fill these empty social distancing hours and encourage you all to fulfill your part of the progress, we’ve created a third post made up of some of the funniest tennis-related tweets from the past days.

Oh no, at the dawn of such a promising career!


That’s so wholesome.

Lizette Cabrera’s original but serious workout has no rivals…

… Except perhaps Judy Murray’s very original (and not too serious?) workout.

Four words: Re. La. Ta. Ble.

Ah yes, Roger Federer is definitely guilty of showing off his snowy home.

Conspiracy theories really have no limits these days…

We feel your pain, Kristie!

Certainly not Stefanos Tsitsipas’…

He has a whole batch of strawberries?! (Those raviolis look like dream stuff, by the way.)

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