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South Dakota six-man football unsanctioned, but growing | High School

“The All-Nations Conference has gone from 12 to 16 teams in a matter of months, and more schools have contacted them about getting in,” he added.

 Having been bitten in its initial vote to add a six-man division, Krogstrand said the SDHSAA is now taking something of a hands-off approach.

 “We’ve made a statement from our office and through our board that we’ll need to see a firm commitment of a group of schools who are coming forward and willing to do it,” Krogstrand said.

“Our proposal for having (six-man football) as a state championship sport is still on the table … It’s shifted from a board-led proposal to the membership. The membership itself would have to come forward,” he continued.

 Krogstrand said the viability of a new six-man class is not just a matter of numbers. He noted that in a state with travel distances as long as South Dakota’s, geography enters into the equation.

 “If you’ve got 10 (schools) all within 100 miles of each other, that’s pretty easy, but I don’t know if there’s a magic number. … What does that number look like as far as geography?” he observed. 

 Krogstrand said he was an athletic director in Nebraska before joining the SDHSAA staff, and he watched six-man football grow to maturity in Nebraska. He said six-man growth in Nebraska began with a geographically compact group of schools that moved from nine-man to six-man as a unit.

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